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Read what customers have to say about the exceptional service they received at Gilbert's Auto Body in Hayward, CA!

"I highly recommend fast and good customer service !answer all my questions while dealing with the insurance company and Rafael @ c&m towing was also great and friendly picking up my car after being vandalized made The whole process of transporting my vehicle to Gilbert's Auto Body easy!"

- Jennie G. from San Jose, CA

"5 stars for quality workmanship and customer service! After being a victim of a nasty rear end collision, I brought my truck to Gilbert's. Carlos came to assess the damage (busted bumper, tailgate, bed panels, truck bed, rear of cab dented, and worst of all, a bent frame) and then proceeded to write an estimate. He mentioned that due to the extent of the damage, insurance would try everything to total the truck. He then gave me some pointers on how to avoid a total loss. After my persistent squabbling with the third party insurance company, my claim was approved for repairs! 
After approval of my claim, Carlos started the process of ordering the parts necessary and ensured that parts getting replaced will be all original parts. My truck was essentially rebuilt from the ground up, due to needing a new frame, and they showed no hesitation in taking a job so big. I never missed an update whether it was in regards to arrival of parts or the progress of the job. The crew at Gilbert's are true car guys and they take pride in their work. They truly treat each customer's vehicle as if they owned them. 
When I see the old damage and look at my newly repaired truck, it's as if my collision never happened. I've dealt with numerous body shops, where some were great, and some were complete hacks. I consider this facility as the cream of the crop! While their work is top notch, what impressed me most was how willing they were to repair my truck, how organized they were, and how they made me feel like a priority. Other shops wouldn't even write an estimate for me. 
If you decide to take your vehicle to this shop for repairs, know that they may take just a little longer (turnaround time is still reasonable), but the quality and care will show when your vehicle is finished. If you care about your car as I do with mine, I'm sure you won't mind. After dealing with Carlos and crew, there is nowhere else i'd go now if I'm ever in need auto body repair, again. Customers can feel confident leaving their cars in the hands of Gilbert's, as there is some supreme talent here."

- JC A. from Union City, CA

"AMAZING AUTO BODY! I had a pretty bad accident to my front left vendor to the point that almost every other shop told me that it couldn't be fixed and that it was not worth the time. However Carlos and Ryan took me in under their wing and explained every step of the process of how my car was going to get fixed! Every time there was an adjustment to the insurance estimate Carlos made sure he notified me if there wasn't a part they couldn't get or if there was a cheaper priced part to get, but at the same time he always made sure that it's quality over quantity! He would run through paper work with me and explain side by side with the car what pieces are getting changed out and kept me updated with however along the car is with being done! Also they are very patient when it comes to dealing with insurance because they themselves own cars that they rebuilt which they understand the hassle of the waiting time with insurance! When I would need to sign papers and didn't have my car, Carlos would drop me off at my house which was super nice of him because most places wouldn't offer something like that. Honestly, this is a place I will continue to come back for my car because not only did they make car look new again (even better before my accident) but they also made sure that I (a person that doesn't know anything about cars) was taken care of to the fullest extent! These guys are amazing!"

- Jose J. from San Francisco, CA

"One of the best body and paint  shops I have ever been to--with super warm and helpful guys. My Honda Fit got some nasty scratches on the paint from a road trip. Marcello and his crew fixed it and I had a great experience. Honest and with integrity!! I highly recommend!"

- Kiera E.

"I had an unfortunate but not detrimental accident on my (just shy of one year old) Nissan Rogue. It happened within two weeks of losing my job so I was pretty upset. This auto shop was referred to me by my insurance and to be honest I was skeptical because a lot of bad things had happened for me so I was wary. Carlos was so easy to work with and very patient as I was very upset every time I had to call between insurance and my rental. I was also leaving town for a trip I planned before losing my job so I needed a ride home but when dropping off the car was running late, Carlos offered to drop me at the Oakland airport to which I was grateful but ended up not needing him to. Over the next two weeks questions had come up about the car and Carlos emailed me and called me about anything I had to know otherwise he just took care of it with insurance and the car rental company for me. Ryan in the shop is great too, a bunch of really cool guys. Overall pretty good experience I would definitely go back (hopefully won't have to) and would recommend."

- Desiree B.

"This shop did an outstanding job on my car, they did more than they were supposed to do and more. The staff are friendly, very efficient and very detailed. I've finally found a shop that will care for my car as if it was theirs. My car  looks new, I'm impressed with the results I'd refer anyone here. They're fast and keep in touch you don't have to hunt them down."

- Marshua R. from San Ramon, CA

"I've worked with a handful of body shops before. Most of my experiences with them range from not good to flat out nightmares. I had Gilbert's Body & Paint work on my 1999 M3 after someone backed into the quarter panel. I made it clear to them that my M3 is much more than just a car to me, it's "my baby". The insurance was making things very complicated, but Carlos did an amazing job working with them, and doing whatever it took to make me happy. The problems the insurance caused put Carlos & team in a time crunch, but they worked hard to get me my car back when I needed it. When I picked up my car, I was more than pleased. The body and paint work is exceptional. The car looks better than it ever has since I owned it, so I can't ask for much more. Thanks guys!"

- Justin G. from Castro Valley, CA

"My first review and a well deserved 5 stars!  I went to a couple of auto body shops and happened to drive by Gilbert's so I stopped by for an estimate.  As soon as I drove into the parking lot I was greeted by Ryan with a friendly smile and he escorted me to the waiting area which is very nice and clean. Ryan asked me to fill out some brief paperwork while I waited for Carlos who would do the estimate.  He was on the phone and as soon as he finished the phone call he came right out and took me out to look at the car for the estimate. Carlos was very clear and concise about the damage to my car and gave me options since I was paying out of pocket and not through insurance. There was some damage to the liner around my tire as well and he said they would adjust that for free. We agreed on a repair that I could afford and set up the day to get it done.  I brought the car in and Carlos gave me a ride home.  There ended up being more damage to the liner than we could see so he sent me pictures of the damage and proposed an affordable solution. The part came the next day and my car is back to being brand new!  Ryan and Carlos provided excellent customer service every time I went into the store and with every phone call.  They are friendly and don't ever talk down to you like the other auto body shops that I visited.  Carlos explained everything thoroughly so that I knew exactly what was going to happen before agreeing to anything.  Thank you for making this repair experience as easy as possible!"

- Elaine A. from Hayward, CA

"Only shop I'll trust with my car. Always nervous to bring in a car and get work done, but these guys right here explain EVERYTHING, make sure you're comfortable, treat you like family and do quality work. That before and after odd the black hatchback focus is my car and they made it like new! To this day... No issues with the car because they know what they're doing."

- Myra M. from Hayward, CA

"Found Gilbert's on the fly, biker cracked my side mirror. I purchased the mirror myself, called Maaco $150 just to paint it and not even put it on for me. I don't know any better so I was going to just go with them and my Co worker said trying someone else for comparison, went on Google and clicked on a random shop (Gilbert's) called and spoke with Carlos, he gave me a quote for less than half the price. And we have a winner! Dropped my mirror off and talk to Marcello, they painted it AND put it on the next day. Great work and professionalism."

- Chris L. 

"Gilbert's has done perfect repairs on my Scion xB twice over the last couple of years. A few weeks ago a piece of freeway furniture wiped out my hood, bumper and side panel--and the shop had my car back on the road, looking brand new in under a week. They were efficient and kept me updated on the details of their work."

- Laura B. from Oakland, CA

"Recently I had my own bad luck where somebody dinged my car up and fortunately it was covered by my insurance. I already had a wonderful experience with this shop with my mom's car. In that regard her bumper is holding up nicely and still looks great. Anyway to my delight I once again had a superior experience with this shop and Carlos was outstanding. They treated me right and most importantly took great care of my car! They promised me a date and it was on time! Now the kicker this time was that I mentioned to Carlos about my paint being dull like on my mirrors.He said no problem I'll see if we can do while your car is with us. I tell you what, the car was ready  on the date but he said if we can keep it an extra day we can spend more time on working on your paint at no charge! I said of course and as promised by the next working day it was available for pick up. The work they did on the repair was fantastic and to my shock the entire car paint was ALL SPARKLING! They did not charge a dime for this over the top service and Carlos was very pleased that it turned out nicely for me! This is the best experience I've had all year and I simply had to review them one more time! This is the best shop I've ever been to period! Thank you Gilbert's Body and Paint!"

- Tom L. from Hayward, CA

"I just purchased my BMW 650 and a week later I was rear ended. The other party's insurance took fault and I brought my car here because they were recognized as KRONs Best in The Bay. Not to mention I passed by several times and saw the cars they were restoring and how they took impeccable care with each vehicle. When I came in I spoke with both Carlos and Gilbert. Both of these gentlemen are extremely professional, nice and most importantly knowledgeable. If anyone knows about the intricacy of the outside and inside of a vehicle it is Gilbert, the owner, and Carlos who seems to be a man of all trades to me. Their employees are also very knowledgeable and experienced. Overall, they are also extremely patient and answered all of my questions whether they were relevant or not. I couldn't have chosen a better body shop."

- Waldo G. from Oakland, CA

"My car got banged up and I delayed fixing it for months and months. I mean, fixing a car is a huge pain, and it's not like it wasn't still driving. I finally gritted my teeth to get it fixed and it was... surprisingly painless. Carlos was really nice and helpful and even gave me a discount on my deductible. When I got my car back, they had not only fixed up my door from the accident, but fixed an unrelated dent as well. They also made the inside and outside of my car cleaner than it has been in years. Great service, fast fix, good prices. I hope I don't need to fix my car again anytime soon, but if I do, I'm going to Gilbert's."

- Rosemary J. from Hayward, CA

"I took in my wife's 1997 Mustang with only 3100 original miles into Gilbert's body shop for a fender repair all I can say is Great Job the work was fantastic and all of the workers in the body shop were all very friendly and helpful In making our ordeal an easy process. I would recommend Gilbert's body shop to everyone whom may need body work."

- James S. 

"First of all, if you have a regular car, do not take it to this place. This place only specializes in OLD SCHOOL CARS!! Anything from early 1900s to 1970s is his speciality, The prices are extremely high, because the work that he does. Other body shop places would say no to those cars, but he takes them in. When you go in, you need to talk to GILBERT, because he's the owner and he knows what's he talking about. Second of all, you need to have a fat wallet, otherwise do not go here. In the owner's office, he has band equipment, which is pretty cool for an old ass dude!! =) The place is very clean and is gated, which is a plus, so that no burglars can get into your car at night."

- Angela K. from San Lorenzo, CA

"I used to work for Gilbert's Body and Paint when I was a youngster so I know first hand what kind of people work here. Honest, hard working, talented individuals. Gilbert's first priority is turning out quality work! No exceptions! These guys aren't in it to make a quick buck. They exist to provide a quality service to the public and demonstrate their craft. Gilbert and Carlos will fight with the insurance companies to get ALL of the damage covered. Don't go to one of those hack shops. Go to Gilberts!!!"

- Jordan H. from Oakland, CA

"Gilbert and his team did everything right for me and my 2000 Mustang. They worked with the insurance company as my advocate because the insurance company want to pay for some but not all of the work required. They pre-ordered the parts and had them ready to install when I brought my car in to have it worked on. They did an excellent job matching my paint and installing the parts. The washed my car for me when they were done and it looked like a million bucks!! I would highly recommend Gilbert's Body and Paint to all of my Family and friends. It is easy to recommend a shop that does great work and cares about the quality of its work as well as its customers. Thanks again Gilbert, to you and all of your team!"

- Mike N. from San Leandro, CA

"Short and simple, Gilbert's does the job right. Most recently, I had my car taken there for a 2nd opinion against my STATE FARM (see my State Farm review in Hayward) recommendation. I believe Gilbert's looked out for me and my family's best interest regarding leaving their shop with a SAFE and complete vehicle and NOT nickel and dime you with estimates and repairs that could jeopardize my family's lives. Carlos and David were knowledgeable and insightful and provided outstanding customer service from beginning to end. I strongly recommend this fine establishment for body and paint, but most importantly, for your 2nd opinion for automobile insurance claims."

- Johnny B. from Hayward, CA

"I took my car to Gilbert"s Body& Paint  for a car Repair ,In the past i have had bad experienced at other Body Shop"s. Gilbert and his staff were all very pleasant,knowledgeable ,They explained everything that needed to be fixed on my car,That my coworker had hit,i even had some paint on my bumper,that was my fault.Gilbert said " No Problem will take care of it.My front License plate had been Missing  For two years,Due to another Body Shop,Not Doing there Job right,By putting it back on Gilbert even had it put on.Since i got a Ticket. Gilbert even went out of his way to have my ticket taken care of it.  When i got my car back it was Painted Like new. I told all my Coworkers and Customers About Gilbert"s.Outstanding Customer Service!!"

- Teresa G. from San Leandro, CA

"I do not often take advice from my sister. She does, however, work in the auto industry. When I backed up into a parked Lexus, I knew I was in trouble. Fucking stupid, right? Anyhow, my sis has sent tons of her customers to Gilbert's and she spoke very highly of them. I decided I would rather go there then to the scummy guys who did my estimate. After I got my estimate I dropped it off on a Monday. They had already ordered and painted the bumper for me even before I dropped my car off. Talk about efficient!  They even gave me a ride when I dropped it off and picked me up two days later when it was all done! I love my brand new bumper, I love the service I received, and while I do hope I never need them again, I would go back to them in a heartbeat. Thanks Faye and Gilbert!"

- Molly G. from Oakland, CA

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